20 Valentines Day Love Signs For You

Valentines Day Love Signs

Do you think your Valentines Week is going to be unlucky for you? No, it’s not! If you are a believer of signs and fate, you know that there is always good in everything if you just be positive. There are some naturally occurring and even beliefs you can use in order to find yourself a special someone this Valentines Week 2019. Here are some Valentines Day love signs you should look after. Let’s get straight into the article, shall we?

Valentines Day Love Signs

You have to make sure you see any of the following omens. It may be impossible for you to create some. So, you should wait for the natural occurrence.

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#1. If you see a Robin during the Valentine’s week 2019, It means that you are about to meet someone who earns a living from the water (a fisherman, naval officer, etc.)

see robin during the valentine’s week

#2. Is your partner too far from you? Do you want to see him/her? Keep a burning candle near your window. He/she will come back to you safely in this Valentines week.

burning candle near your window

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#3. If you happen to see a dove in this Valentines week, your marriage will be happy and loving.

see a dove on valentines week

#4. Are you alone in Valentines week? Do you want to find the love of your life? Burn a pink candle. It will help you find the right one.

#5. Your partner will be involved in charitable or spiritual work if you see a blackbird in this special week.


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#6. Don’t see your partner on the day before your marriage. Even if it is the Valentines Day, you must avoid it.

#7. Seeing a bluebird in the Valentines week is interpreted as the assurance that your partner will be humorous.


#8. Don’t cry this whole weekend. Just smile! You will have a charismatic partner. It basically means that positive attitude attracts positive things.

#9. Your partner will be a farmer or a involved in plants if you see a sparrow in the Valentine’s week.


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#10. Do not propose in public. Proposing in public is considered as a bad sign. So no public proposing this week!

Do not propose in public

#11. Want to have a rich partner? Watch out for a kingfisher in this Valentine’s week.


#12. Always send and receive Roses in this week. Avoid Lilacs at any cost. It would cause misfortune.


#13. Do you want to have a stable and homely relationship? Try to find a duck in this Valentines week 2019.


#14. Do not accept two letters from different people, especially this week. You will end up marrying none of them.

#15. Glimpsing a goldfinch this week means your partner will be a luxurious man.


#16. Don’t gift a handkerchief to your boyfriend. In case you bought one, receive the equivalent money for it. That would nullify the effect of being it a gift. A gift handkerchief means that your relationship will bring tears and heartaches.

#17. If you get a glance at a gull this Valentines week 2019, your partner will be a man who travels a lot for the job.


#18. You have to be conscious about the color of roses you get this week. Do not receive or send black roses.

black rose

#19. In case you see birds of prey, you should know that your partner will be a business man or a politician.

#20. If you view a flock of gloves this Valentines week 2019, you will have a peaceful marriage.


These are just 21 signs that people used to interpret the future of their love affairs. You may believe it or not, it will all be up to you. You will always control your fate and you drive your own life. If anything, We hope you all the best in this world not just this Valentines Day but also for all the days of the year.

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