How to Start Valentine’s Week If Your Love is Angry with You?

Start Valentine’s Week If Your Love is Angry

Is your partner angry with you? Do you think it is impossible for you to celebrate valentines day?

I know the feel. I know you are going to feel dejected, disappointed and lost as you see your friends hanging around happily with their partners.

Don’t worry! I have got a few tips for you to get back to the normal state of your relationship before the Valentine’s week starts. Are you ready to get into the core of this article? Here you go!

How to Start Valentine’s Week when Your GF/BF, Husband/Wife is Angry with You?

Start Valentine’s Week If Your Love is Angry

The following are a few tips that can mend your relationship.

#1. Apologize from Your Heart

Yeah, you heard it right! Mostly, breakups happen due the ego of each partner. Even if one is convicted, his/her ego doesn’t allow a confession.

You should cross your ego. If the fight happened because of something you said or did, you must tell sorry from the bottom of your heart.

Maybe, you didn’t start it. But you poured oil to the burning fight with steamy arguments. You can apologize for that too.

Then, your partner realizes his/her fault as well.

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#2. Tell that You Love Him/ Her

Even if the apology doesn’t work out, it will melt the heart of your better half for sure. So, you should keep on telling her/him how much you love him/her.

You can recall all the sweet things he/she did for you. Don’t forget to say it aloud. He/she will be glad to hear it from you.

In case he/she is away from you, send the photos of the special moments you spend with him/her as a collage or something special, like a video.

#3. Gift Him/ Her

If the Valentine’s week 2017 is already started, you must give your gift. The first day is Rose Day. You can buy a bouquet of rose flowers for that.

Even if the special week isn’t started yet, you can buy him/her a gift, a special one, something they will remember for the rest of their life. But that doesn’t mean it should be an expensive one.

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#3. Avoid Expectations

Realize the status of your relationship. You are not in a normal mode. Your partner is angry with you. So, you shouldn’t expect much from him/her.

Ask yourself. If you were him/her, how would you behave? Then, you will get the correct answer. He/she is mad at you. But that’s not forever.

And, you must not keep your hopes up. Just do your part well.

#4. Try to Solve the Issue

Maybe, there is something you can do to cheer your partner up.

Think about the reason why he/she is angry. Is there something you could have done in the first place that would avoid this fight? Think about it.

If there was something, can you do it now?

Let your partner know you are going to do it.

Wrapping Up

I hope everything is clear now.

I want to tell you something that will avoid the fights in future. Don’t bring your fights to the next day. Solve everything before you go to bed. Talk about it, argue about it if needed. And then, forget about it.

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